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Hello and welcome to Dice Drams Draughts!

The Dice Drams Draughts team consists of a number of avid gaming fans, and we’ve decided to band together and put some content online about what we are up to, the games we like to play, and the drinks we like to have while playing. We’re all based in Australia, mostly in Melbourne, but we have representation in Sydney as well. The core team consists of the following members:

  • Benimus (me)
  • Sentinel
  • Moregorl
  • Silver_Petey
  • Sinista

We thought we’d take the opportunity here to talk about ourselves and how we got into gaming.

I’ll start with myself, and the other guys can discuss their histories, although for some of us our gaming lives have been very intertwined. I’ve always been a bit of a gamer, including everything from cards, board games, role playing games, PC games, and consoles. When I was growing up, my family moved to Malaysia, during which time my dad bought our first home computer, a Intel 386. This was not long after upgraded to a 486DX2-66, and from that point on I’ve been a huge fan of PC gaming and everything that goes along with it, including building my own machines. Notable games from that era that have carved a path for my future gaming include the following:

  • Sid Meier’s Civilisation series, I’ve been hooked since the first one. To this day it’s also still my dad’s favourite game. Many a night has been spent going to bed way too late after thinking “Just one more turn!”.
  • The Mechwarrior series of games, in particular Mechwarrior 2. I loved this universe so much that I also ended up collecting a lot of the Mechwarrior technical readout books for the tabletop RPG, even though I only ended up playing it half a dozen times at most. Many an hour was spent looking at the different mechs and loadouts.
  • Dune 2, and the love of this sort of game spawned into playing the Command & Conquer series, and then Warcraft and Starcraft.
  • The Eye of the Beholder series, this was massive in terms of fantasy RPG, and leads into current games that I play like World of Warcraft.

One boardgame that I did play a bit of was HeroQuest. Sinista had a copy of it and the two expansions Kellar’s Keep and Return of the Witch Lord. We used to play it at his house after school some times or on weekends, but we have never made it through the campaigns because we’d always forget where we were up to and would start all over again. I still have a copy of these games myself in my garage. I have a double garage but only one car can fit in it because I have a huge set of shelves that’s more than half taken up with gaming boxes, terrain, and PC parts…

My first major foray into tabletop gaming occurred toward the end of high school, when I got a job at McDonalds. I was working at one in the Melbourne CDB doing the weekend morning shifts opening the store, however I never ended up saving much money from the job, because during my shift I would work out how much I had earned that day, and then I would walk down to Mind Games and Games Workshop and proceed to blow it all on Warhammer 40K miniatures. My Space Wolves army is still one of my most prized possessions, and takes pride of place in a display cabinet next to my desk where my gaming PC is. I might do an article on my 40K army and painting journey some time.

The love of 40K also got me into playing other games from the same universe, particularly Space Hulk and Necromunda, both of which I am still keen to play. This has made me super keen to try out the new Shadow War: Armageddon game, which is basically Necromunda ruleset but with squads/models from 40K armies. I have a set of Space Wolves Scouts half painted on my painting table right now in preparation for getting into this game, and I’m actively encouraging the other guys to pull out their old armies as well to give it a go.

The latest tabletop games that I am into way to much are the X-Wing miniatures game and Star Wars: Destiny.

Sentinel and myself got into X-Wing at PAX 2016, when a friend of Moregorl’s had the core set and took the time to have a starter game each with us. We liked it so much that we both immediately went out and bought the Force Awakens core set, and it helped that there were sales on at the exhibition. I decided to go Rebels and Sentinel started with Imperial, so I got a B-Wing and he got a TIE Defender with our core sets. Later, Silver_Petey started with Scum, and more recently Sinista has also started with the game. Between us all we have a pretty extensive collection, so we’ll need to jump on the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster campaign at some stage.

Some of the other board games that we’re playing or interested in playing are the following:

  • Rebellion (Star Wars game by Fantasy Flight Games).
  • Kingdom Death: Monster (we went in on the recent v1.5 Kickstarter).
  • Blood Rage (also from a Kickstarter).
  • Conan (Monolith Games, Sinista will have more to say about this).

I’m also a bit of a console gamer, specifically Xbox playing Destiny and soon to be Destiny 2. This is the game that brought most of us together, as we met Moregorl through our group while trying to put together raid teams for Destiny. We still play at least weekly on Destiny.

That will be enough from me for now about my history of gaming, there will be more articles about specific games coming from me in future. I hope this was interesting, and if there’s anything here you want to hear more about, send us a message on facebook, twitter, or email, using the details at the bottom of our page.




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