The road to Store Championships 2017

Shiny new FFG Store champ 2017 acrylic templates: check,
FFG acrylic tokens: check,
Alternate art upgrade cards: check,
Winning a bye at regionals: sure…

Ok, let’s give it a go…

After 10 months in the hobby, a few store tournaments and a very cool team tournament, we’ve decided to try our hand(s) at our first store championship season. If this is your first time reading about X-wing tournaments, below is a quick overview on how the ‘organised play’ tournaments are held, if not feel free to keep reading or skip the next paragraph.

FFG Tournament hierarchy works loosely thus:

– Monthly or adhoc store tournaments: FFG quarterly prize kit
– Store Championships: Annually per store, custom range rulers, winner gets a bye (automatic win) for regions
– Regional Championships: Per state, custom dice, winner gets a spot in nationals
– National Championship: Winner gets a ticket into worlds
– Worlds: X-Wing world champion

Other than having slightly better loot in the coveted ‘Store Champion 2017’ range rulers, this is the next step up in organised competitive play with many of the stores that hold regular games and tourneys holding one. It’s worth noting that the store has to buy the kit (prize pack) from FFG, so not all stores run a tournament and most will charge a small entrance fee to cover the event, usually a fraction more more than a monthly casual tournament.

When we first discussed entering the SC17’s my first thought was ‘this could be fun’ followed by ‘oh man, all the awesome players will just clean up’. Many of the more active players in the community will travel from store to store to compete in the Store Championship, especially those that have aspirations of competing in Regionals, Nationals and the lucky few who make it to worlds. I still consider myself pretty casual having only flown a few lists that I would consider competitive and, dare I say, that I remember when to use all the abilities for.

My apprehension was put at ease almost straight away when I thought about it and realised that not only would I be attending and competing with and possibly against fellow DDDers, but our other friends in the community we have met through casual and tournaments games. It doesn’t really matter where we place as the games will still make for great stories to reminisce over and dissect, although we’d all love a set of those range rulers.

After perusing the X-Wing Melbourne facebook group of which many of the stores are members and post up events for their Store Championship Tournament, we decided to attend:
– 15th July – Good Games, Box Hill (our local)
– 22nd July – General Games, Malvern
– 12th August – Next Level Games, Ringwood

All these stores we’ve played at on more than one occasion and we frequently run into the guys.

Benimus has already cut his teeth for this season after attending Games Lab CBD, 1st July, and placing a respectable 9th – only one place shy of a range ruler!

We aim to add a few posts while at the tournaments so keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram and if you see us come and say hi.


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