Store Championships 2017 – Round 1, Good Games Box Hill

Last Saturday the 15th was the first of the three Store Championships that I plan on attending and the only one that Benimus, Sinista, and I will participate in together.

To say that it was eventful would be a bit of an understatement for a few reasons:

  • The store opened 30-40 minutes late as the staff member opening slept through his alarm
  • There were then technical/user difficulties with the program that was used to run the tournament (MOV, match making, participants) not accepting more than 20 participants, of which there were 23
  • The planned 5 rounds of Swiss for the tournament was changed to 4 rounds, before the top 4 cut
  • The tournament ran hours late due to the delays
  • Turns out I had bronchitis and had the better part of a week afterwards off work (not making too many excuses for my flying)

We found out later that the Good Games employee had only been  working there for a fortnight and hadn’t run a tournament at the store before. The first round got rolling with the original 20 pairings from the store program, two of the people who weren’t in the system (myself and another pilot) pairing up and odd person (Benimus) getting the bye. Things weren’t fixed by the end of the first round but fortunately one of the players there had experience running a tournament before and set everything up on, which he then gave the store access to once they’d created an account, as he had to leave due to delays making the day run over.

It was a real testament to the community that everyone rolled with the difficulties, no one lost their cool, and many had their heads huddled over the store computer trying to help out.

The results of the day were a mixed bag and somewhat disappointing on my part. After a strong start winning my first game and not conceding many points, the best I could manage was partial points on the next 3 losses

My list:

  • Round 1 – Win vs Imperials: Omega Leader, Quickdraw, and Countess Ryad; conceded half points on the Decimator
  • Round 2 – Loss vs Rebels: Biggs, Jess, and two A-Wings with snapshot; killed the two A-Wings, got Biggs and Jess down to one hull each but just couldn’t finish them off. Soontir was my last ship standing
  • Round 3 – Loss vs Scum: YV-666 Party bus, Asajj Shadow Caster and Protectorate Starfighter; Killed the PSF and scored half points on Asajj. Soontir ran the party bus and PSF around for 5 turns but one unfortunate roll (with 5 defense die!) and he went down. Decimator put in most of the work.
  • Round 4 – Loss vs Scum: Dengar Jumpmaster and Asajj Shadow Caster; I was matched against Benimus for this one, managed to kill Asajj.

The day finished with Benimus in 11th, Sinista in 12th, and myself in 20th, so no SC17 range rulers for any of us. Not my best showing, but the positive was that I wasn’t tabled, managed to score points in every game and made my opponents work for the wins.

Lessons learned…

As much as I’ve enjoyed playing Soontir and RAC, the pairing has really struggled to consistently perform well, and when I say perform I really mean win. Being competitive is great, especially casually, but for tournaments they just don’t quite cut it.

Some things I’ve learnt from playing this list:

  • Bombs are not kind to an ace that only has 3 hull and no shields
  • Turrets and ordinance are a Decimator’s downfall, TLT’s will always punish a ship that has no agility or focus given enough turns even if they have 4 shields and 12 hull
  • A Decimator with Darth Vader will, well, decimate an ace with no shields given the majority are 3-4 hull. This was a double edged sword I ran into when I flew this list against another Decimator and Whisper
  • Arc dodging with a Decimator is fantastic, especially when people acknowledge it
  • No body expects a Seismic charge on a Decimator!
  • This list is great against aces but struggles against big base ships (most Scum lists, some Rebel) and some small ships with high shield/hull values (Scurrg Bomber) or ships that regen shields (Miranda Doni K-Wing)
  • Soontir is particularly sensitive to bad dice rolls not having shields, there has been more than a few occasions that he has gone down in a single volley, a ‘Direct hit!’, or even clipping an asteroid/debris
  • There’s nothing wrong with not getting a round of shooting in the combat phase if it puts you in a better position for the next turn or means that you don’t have to get into a dangerous position. Especially when you are being chased, as they are not ships that will be shooting at the Decimator

I wish I had of been playing when Soontir was the meta but he’s taught me some great lessons and definitely improved my flying. Talking to Benimus after our game, he said that bar a few dice rolls, there wasn’t anything he would have done differently if he was flying the list and that my flying was great. That was a little bitter sweet for me as I knew then it was time to change things up.

The list I am looking at taking to this weeks Store Championship at General Games Malvern will harken back to my roots of triple aces but alas will not include Soontir, he will be put back in the foam tray to fight another day….

– Sentinel


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