Store Championships 2017 – Round 2, General Games Malvern

I don’t think the tournament at General Games Malvern could have been any more different from Good Games Box Hill the week before. Don’t get me wrong, I love my local, but for events of this scale it’s nice when they run smoothly.

As expected, the crowd here was much bigger with the player base capping out at 42. The tournament was very well run with registration (including your list) in before hand. Tech support was also onsite given the creator was also participating in the tournament. Something new in this iteration of the web app was PayPal integration, so only having to advise the Organisers I was there on the day was great. Another great feature was that you only had to advise which ships were destroyed or had half points as they were all already entered, no manually adding up point. Now I wouldn’t say I’m a fanboy but it is great to see something developed by a member of the community work so well.

For this SC I came in with a completely new list including two ships that I haven’t flown before, TIE Aggressor and a TIE S/F.

I finished the day 39th of 42 so far from the middle of the pack I was hoping for.

  • Game 1 – Nim & Miranda – Loss
    Miranda died without dropped BH any bombs, bomb dodged like a boss, went to time and lost on police NRA, just. Another turn or two and I would have killed Nim.
  • Game 2 – Intensity Poe & Dash with heavy laser turret – Loss
    Made a meal of me, first time flying against a HLT
  • Game 3 – Imperials: something, 2x aggressors – Loss
  • Game 4 – Imperials: Dutchess, Echo and Carnor Jax – Won, convincingly
  • Game 5 – Scum: Fenn Rau, Nim and Palob – Loss
    Went to time, made two big mistakes; with QuickDraw I ‘flew him like soontir’ and barrel rolled the wrong way out of range 1 front and rear arcs, disengaged Countess Ryad from jousting Fenn Rau to chase Palob who moved waaaay faster than I thought

I knew going into this SC that I would be at a huge disadvantage given it was a new list, the only ship in the list I had flown before was Countess Ryad and it’s a very popular store on the Melbourne scene, drawing a lot of the best pilots.

All in all it was a good day and I walked away with the following lessons learned:
– HLC hurt. A lot.
– TIE Aggressor is fun but not the strongest in the current meta
– QuickDraw should not be flown like Soontir, e.g. Get in there, especially when at full shields and can get a ship in each ark at range 1. Yes, arc dodge where possible but be smart, you have two firing arcs and should be able to fire every turn once you initially engage.

I did come away with loot, an alt art ’14 TIE Fighter Academy Pilot card XD

The only negative I took away from the day which I think may be applicable to all SC’s, is that if there is no scheduled lunch break, of which there wasn’t, and the majority of your games go to time, which 4 of my 5 did, it’s a long day without a real meal or break even if you do have snacks with you so be prepared!

The next SC and final I plan on attending will be August 13th with the monthly tournament at the local, there will be some more list tuning between now and then.

– Sentinel

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