We’re still here!

It was a very busy second half of 2017 for the Dice-Drams-Draughts crew, life competing with gaming, new posts and partaking of beverages, and unfortunately new posts drew the short straw. If you follow us on Instagram you’ll see that we weren’t completely idle, sneaking in the occasional game and even winning a few accolades!

What we have been up to…

The whole crew attended PAX AUS and caught up with some of our Xbox clan members and friends for the weekend. It was great being able to catch up in person and put some faces to voices and dominate (for one game) the Destiny 2 PC stand. Good times had by all including a trip to the Starward distillery.

Benimus has picked up and fallen in love with another Fantasy Flight game in the Star Wars universe, Imperial Assault. Having already played in and won some store tournaments, he will be heading to Victorian Regional next week! Imperial Assault is a grid-based squad skirmish game, that also has extensive co-op campaigns.

After much debate we have also jumped on the pre-order bandwagon for Star Wars: Legion, also a Fantasy Flight game, which is similar to Games Workshop Warhammer 40K. Most of us have or had large 40K armies that look great in a display cabinet but have not been played in a very long time.

Yes, it deserves it’s own heading. We didn’t finish our series on the 2017 Store Championship, and as for me at least, this is where life got in the way after the last post, but we did keep playing and winning! Benimus took out Store Champion at our local NLG Ringwood store and won a bye at Regionals, which will be starting next month in February. Keep an eye out for the Dice-Drams-Draughts polo at Tasmanian and Victorian Regionals.

The last of the Star Wars news is that we have all decided to call it a day with Destiny. As with any trading card game, it requires a big investment and has a large component of chance unless you’re willing to purchase single cards instead of boosters. The other games we play have regular expansions released with fixed content, and coupled with the fact we just didn’t play it enough, it was time.

Kingdom Death Monster or KDM base game finally arrived, this was a Kickstarter we went into about a year ago. The base game is massive both in terms of game play, physical size, and effort required to assemble and paint the models. Every component is beautifully made and well worth the effort of setup and assembly.

Now that you’re up to speed, we have outlined some posts to move forward with so we will have more content for you soon!

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