Starting out, an Imperial journey

The X-wing obsession for me started in 2016 at PAX AUS with Benimus.  A friend of Moregorl was already into it and had bought the Force Awakens starter set, and when Moregorl mentioned to him we were interested, he was more than happy to crack open the box and show us the basics. From then on it was a done deal and we made our way to one of the retail stalls that had the best deal, base game and a booster for $50. Continue reading “Starting out, an Imperial journey”

Original Gamer

Hi, I’m Sentinel and here’s a little bit about myself….

Much like the other guys, my first foray in gaming was on a PC. Dad came home one day in the early 80’s with a large light grey/beige suitcase. Oddly, he plugged it into the wall, opened it up and I was greeted with a laptop computer in all its orange and black mono-chrome glory. An Amstrad with a TAC2 joystick that was the first real computer with games like California Games, Summer games, winter games, Jet set Willy, Dragons Lair and many more. Continue reading “Original Gamer”